Behind our bags - meet us!

In my previous blogs I showed you my favorite leather bags in our collection like the Saku Bucket Bag, or the Fanny, obviously a fanny pack. I also shared a delicious recipe for a banana cake (have you already tried the cake? 😊).

Now is the time to tell you a little more about ann kurz.

Our family

As you probably know, our brand has been around since 2015. We started out small and have grown steadily since. Thanks to you, ann kurz has developed from a side project to something very special. We can no longer imagine a life without our creations and are incredibly grateful to you for your support.

Our beginnings with bags like the Cubo leather bag in snake look, what makes our bags so special and an insight into our small family-run factory in Elche (Alicante) can be found in this great video 😊. Have fun watching.

Our friends

We not only have a great family at the factory that makes your bags. We also have great friends, local suppliers around our factory. They are the people who provide us with everything we need for our variety of leather bags.

The cowhide - which is tanned in an environmentally conscious way and which we are constantly developing to further reduce the impact on nature. This results for example in accessoires like the Mika Vegetable Tanned Leather Wallet, and many more.

The inner lining - on the one hand made of 48% recycled cotton and 20% recycled polyester (e.g. for our Nandi shoulder bag) or the beautiful beige inner lining made of ecotextile (e.g. for our Nuria suede shopper bag) which is very resistant, anti-bacterial and eco-friendly which fulfills the REACH standard.

You can find all this information and further impressions in our latest video.

Your opinion

Now I would be interested in what is important to you. What should a bag “do”? Which materials should be used? What are you still missing in our collection?

You can write to me at any time. Here via the blog comment, or write to me directly on Instagram @annkurzbagmakers. I am always happy to get feedback from you.

Thank you and have enjoy the christmas holidays with your loved ones.


Behind our bags - meet us! - ann kurz
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