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Banana Bread, face masks and I am blogging now

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Hello everyone! We are back bag BAG bag - back again. Get it? I don't know about you, but I had a loooooot of time the last couple of months. I did what everyone did: I baked some banana bread, I decluttered my wardrobe, postponed my big fat Spanish wedding due to Corona and I decided to start blogging - so "Cheers Ladies". Oh and don't worry - I have a whole blogpost planned about the best designer wedding bags coming soon.

I am so blogging - here are the latest news

I make a killer banana bread and you can get the recipe here. And: I designed a washable ann kurz designer face mask, available in our online shop.

That was a first for me - but hey - you learn, you grow and you design a face mask, you postpone a wedding - did I mention that already, sorry.

So this post is to tell you two things: First of all: Hey ladies - hey!!! I am starting the ann kurz Blog and it will be fun! And second of all: Before we launch our new fall/winter handbag collection 2020, the ann kurz Outlet Sale is coming in August. If you would like to be notified, subscribe to our newsletter. And no worries: I will only post when I have something inspiring, funny or helpful to share, so please subscribe.

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So this is exciting

You will be able to shop some of our classic ann kurz leather handbag bestsellers from previous seasons online. Since I had time to finally go through our stock, I made some good finds, which will be available for the last time and for a discounted price. The idea came to me when I decluttered my own closet and it was time to part with some of my bags.

But there is one bag that I will never part with. In my next post I will tell you about my favourite bag of all time. Did you guess it right away?

Handbag news from yours truly - ann kurz
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