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Leather Care

Leather care

Before you start cleaning your bag, you'll need cloth or a soft brush which doesn't lint. Furthermore, use balm and soap which is especially for leather.
The leather balm can be used every time you clean the bag. Whereas the soap should only be used if the bag is heavily dirty.



Before you begin cleaning the bag with the balm or the soap, use the cloth or the brush and remove the obvious dirt. Don't go to hard on the leather which could lead to ugly stains and spots. Try to rub it smoothly and over a big part of the leather piece.



After the bag is free from the heavy dirt, try to use a slightly wet cloth and wipe it over the bag. Now, if the dirt didn't entirely go away, use the leather soap as long as the leather is fairly moist. Apply it on the whole bag and let it settle for a bit. Then, use the cloth and wipe it of.



Now that the bag is clean, use the leather balm and apply it with the cloth. Due to the use of balm or oil, the color and structure could change. So be careful and try to apply it on a small spot before you cover the whole bag with it.



After the leather care, let it dry and rub it one last time with the cloth to remove any remains. This step will give your bag the last shine.

Depending on your desires or your style. Clean it a couple of times each year. 



Our products are designed not only to keep track with the fashion but to stay in tact for a long period.  Our focus is on making durable, high quality products that age with style and can be repaired if broken. 

In case your bag is broken and you already tried to fix it, but you can’t, please don't hesitate to contact your local leather goods repair shop or email us. We'll try our best to help you.