The Fanny Bag trend goes on

Fanny bags - crossbody, over the shoulder or on the back

The Fanny Bag trend goes on - are you on board? It's 2020 and the fanny bag is still on trend. Why?? Because no other bag is so versatile to wear and combine with your style. What do you prefer?? As a shoulder bag or right across the chest - crossbody is still popular - and on the back. Here are some nice examples.

Fanny bag across the chest

Fanny Nappa Black Leather Body Bag

It is so convenient. You can access all your things so easy and it really can hold your essentials. And as a plus a great fanny bag can take a simple outfit and instantly make it fresh.

I also like wearing the Fanny bag on the back like that...

Fanny Croco Marine Body Bag

And here is how I love to wear it (while working :) )

leather fanny pack  - ann kurz

Mint green, rose, rouge, in classic black leather or in suede - check out our favourite leather fanny bags. Our fanny bags are currently in the making, so if you would like a brand new designer fanny bag from our atelier in Spain you can subscribe to be notified.

ann kurz - Leather Fanny Body Bag

The Fanny Bag trend goes on - ann kurz
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