Suede Leather Styles for the Autumn and Winter 2020

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Bags made out of smooth leather, or maybe nubuck, getting wild with a croco or snake print?? Well, at the end, my first choice are bags made of suede leather. But especially this season it was really hard to choose between all the lovely colors. I was torn between the Lia Circle Bag in Dark Peach (in your stores), the Dani Shoulder Bag in Suede Leather Olive…
Lia Suede Leather Circle Bag, Dani Suede Leather Olive ann kurz
Lia Wildleder Dark Peach und Dani Wildleder Olive
…the Saku Bucket Bag (never can get around this one) in this lovely yellowish Suede Leather Pearl Wood…
Saku Suede Leather Bucket Bag Pearl Wood - ann kurz
Saku Wildleder Beuteltasche in Pearl Wood
…or, and that was my final decision, the Fanny Body Bag in Suede Leather Stone 😍.
Fanny Suede Leather Stone Body Bag - ann kurz
Fanny Suede Leather Stone Fanny Pack
This was a whole bunch of new colors. But we still have even more for you to discover. How about some nice, intense Libano Brown or Anthrazit (surely something you won’t see that often on the streets. Am I right?).
I guess, this is what makes our Suede Leather Collection so special. The feel and colors, which are unique out there. Especially for Bags and Accessoires.

Suede Leather Outfit Combo

Saku Bucket Bag Suede Leather - ann kurz

Maybe that’s why I love this outfit with our Saku _sonjas_picturebook.

In general, if you want to see our bags in action, just follow me on Instagram @annkurbagmakers. Here I keep you girls updated, showing the latest styles, possible combinations and even contests with give aways etc.

Looking forward seeing you there.

See you soon

Yours truly, Ana

Suede Leather Styles for the Autumn and Winter 2020 - ann kurz
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