Back with good news! New Collection Autumn Winter 2020 online

to the Western Leather Collection

Hello ladies!

Long time no see, I would say. Right? But, let me tell you, I will make it up with really good news!

I’m so excited to introduce new colors to you. Because, obviously we all had a rough time the last month, and now we’re heading to the winter. And therefore, to make it all more livable, happy and shiny, I decided to go all-in with colors of our Western Leather (comparable with the Nubuck Leather) in our new

Autumn/Winter Collection.

Fanny Western Apple Red Leather Belt Bag ann kurz

Fanny Western Apple Red

So what’s up exactly? I took autumn as inspiration, got in touch with our local leather supplier and created color-combinations like a maniac 😅 (I just love doing that. Just like a kid in a candy store).

Nadine Mini Western Dark Mint Leather Shoulder Bag ann kurz

Nadine Mini Western Dark Mint

Lia Western Klein Blue Leather Circle Bag ann kurz

Lia Western Klein Blue (in your stores)

As a result I picked a nice red (Apple Red), green (Dark Mint), blue (Klein Blue), and rosé (Old Rose) hue so we can all walk around bringing color into the “darkness” ❤️😊.

Nadine Western Old Rose Leather Shoulder Bag ann kurz

Nadine Western Old Rose

So, what do you think of the choice I made? Just write me a direct message on Instagram (@annkurzbagmakers).

Also, I always love seeing you girls presenting our bags and combining it with your style. Just put on the Hashtag: #annkurzbagmakers and I’m always with you 🎉🎉.

Lovely wishes!