Western leather & Suede leather Care Guide

Bags are getting worn off and dirty over time. This is a part of the aging. If you treat it right over the period, your leather bag will become more beautiful over the years. To help you with that, we wrote down the most important steps of leather care. 

Our Nubuck leather style is called Western leather. It is not as sensible as Nubuk leather but it comes with a similar feeling to it. When you're having a bag, shoes, etc. made out of Western leather or Suede leather, you should follow some care rules to enjoy your bag as long as you could.

Nubuck leather care guide

Saku Western Old Rose

Before wearing it the first time

Our bags are coming clean, protect and impregnated to you. However, we recommend to clean them with a light cloth.

Be careful wearing your bag strong contrasted clothes as especially our western and suede leather is sensible on colors as they could rub off.

 General care guide

Cleaning: On average levels of dirt, it is enough to only brush it, use luke warm water and dish soap. Really dirty bags need a treatment with special custom cleaning products developed specifically for nubuck leather or suede leather.

Drying: After cleaning your leather bag with water, it must be left to dry completely before further treatment within a frim temperature not higher than 40°C. 

Impregantion: The pores of the leather are open after the brushing and cleaning. Therefore, water is able to enter quickly and leave bad looking stains. Therefore it is important to dedicate impregnation to maintain breathability of the leather. Apply the impregnation in two layers. Let every layer dry completly for a perfect result.

Refreshing: As soon as your bags absorbs small portions of water, it is time for a prober cleaning. To keep your nubuck and suede leather bag nice, you should apply a special nubuck and suede care product. Apply it with a sponge so you don't destroy the special look. This way you are less likely to clog the leather. After that, gently brushing with a stiff brush gives a freshen up look. 

Storing: Keep your leather bag out of direct sunlight and away from heat, like radiators. Also, look for a dry space to keep it stored. When wet, let it dry naturally.

With a frequent and proper care, your leather bag will provide you with lots of joy over the years.

Western leather & Suede leather Care Guide - ann kurz
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